Are you unsure whether or not you need a website? Are you a local business, a restaurant, a non-profit organization, a professional, an artist? Are you organizing a special event, a festival? Or would you like a simple blog to write about your opinions? Keep reading to find out how Kiosoft can help you

Google open on a Macbook

Today, everything is accessible from Internet

The fact that a business is not present on the web can sometimes make people think that it simply does not exist.

Through a simple Google search, users can find dozens of results similar to your business. Therefore, if they don't find a specific company through their search, they might assume that it closed down and end up on its competitor's website.

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A website helps you reach an audience

Let's take an example.

Imagine a local restaurant that opened just a few months ago. Many potential clients pass in front of the restaurant and one of them decides, once back home, to do a quick research about the restaurant. Through this search, he finds the restaurant's website, which contains a lot of information on the menu, the business hours and the delivery phone number. That is exactly this given website's purpose : inform potential or current customers.

Now imagine a tourist passing by near that restaurant on lunch-time. He takes his smartphone out and searches for local restaurants. He ends up on the restaurant's website and finds the menu very tasty. He looks at the contact information and decides to go there for lunch. Awesome!

Laptop and mobile device setup

A website doesn't have to be big

There are different types of websites. Showcase, dynamic, blog, etc.

Yes, a website sometimes needs to have a lot of content split on many different pages, but in most cases, a very simple yet effective website can do the job. Kiosoft can help you evaluate what you will need in order to maximize your results.

Check out our plans and examples to get a glimpse of what you might need.