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Chances are if you're asking that question, you probably need a website. In fact, there are plenty of reasons why a website could help you. Read more

A domain name is the path that users take to access your website. For example, is a domain name. Domain names have to be carefully selected to truly represent you, yet be catchy enough that it will be easy to remember. See our hosting solutions for more information.

Comparable to your computer's hard drive, a web host uses a server to store your website files. Indeed, a website is mainly composed of files and pictures which have to be stored somewhere. The user then accesses these files via the domain name in order to view your website. Using a professional web host provider is very important, because they make sure that your website stays online at all times by setting up a load of security measures. See our hosting solutions for more information.

A 404 error is issued when a user requests a webpage that does not exist. Usually, this occurs when a link has a typo and directs the user to a non-existing page, or when a page changes name and not all links are updated accordingly. We build our websites in a strategic way that allows us to avoid getting many 404 errors, but if you notice something wrong with your site, please do get in touch with us so we can solve the issue.

It depends. Technology evolves extremely fast, especially web standards. Technically, it is best to keep up-to-date, but sometimes it may not be worth it. According to your current website design, your customer-base, your web needs, Kiosoft is able to help you sort it all out. We can analyze your website with professional tools and find improvements. Bottom-line is there is always something to improve on a website. Contact us

N.B. It is very important to fix security issues at all times.

Yes, of course. From smaller to larger websites, finding the best one for you is our specialty. Read more

Responsive web design is a way of rearranging the elements on a web page to assure accessibility to every type of device (computer, tablet, mobile). It works with the actual screen size and sometimes shrinks elements, sometimes shifts them one under the other. Read more about our reponsive website creation services. Reponsive web design

We integrate search engine optimization in every creation. We also make sure your content is optimized for Google. Read more about our seo services.

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